Beamable SDK
Beamable.Editor.Reflection Namespace Reference


class  BeamHintReflectionCache
 BeamHint related IReflectionSystem and ReflectionSystemObject that handles:

  • The parsing of BeamHintDetailConverterAttribute into cached converters that know how to render BeamHintDetailsConfig for matched BeamHintHeaders.
  • An updated list of all BeamHintDetailsConfigs that exist in directories configured at CoreConfiguration.BeamableAssistantHintDetailConfigPaths.
  • The parsing of BeamHintIdAttributes and BeamHintDomainAttributes TODO: to be used by UI systems to allow for better interaction with our system.
class  ReflectionCacheAssetPostProcessor
 An asset post-processor that reloads and rebuilds all (or the re-imported) IReflectionSystem defined via ReflectionSystemObject whenever one gets re-imported, deleted or moved. More...