Beamable SDK
Beamable.EasyFeatures.BasicLeaderboard Namespace Reference


class  BasicLeaderboardFeatureControl
class  BasicLeaderboardPlayerSystem
 This is our basic leaderboard system — It exposes some APIs to fetch data from the backend and rearranges that API with basic information from our backend into a format more easily usable by UI. It gets RankEntrys from our platform, parses them, loads data relevant and caches that data in a format that's easier to work with for the things we want to do. In this case, it simply caches the leaderboards names, avatar sprites, rank and score values in sequential parallel list. More...
class  BasicLeaderboardView
 This is an example IBeamableView. It is based off the LeaderboardsPresenter. More...
class  LeaderboardsRankEntriesPresenter
class  LeaderboardsRankEntryPresenter