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Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.IBeamableStorageObject Interface Reference
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StorageObjectDescriptor ServiceDescriptor [get]
MongoStorageBuilder ServiceBuilder [get]
- Properties inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.IBeamableService
bool IsSelected [getset]
bool IsRunning [get]
bool AreLogsAttached [get]
LogMessageStore Logs [get]
ServiceType ServiceType [get]
IDescriptor Descriptor [get]
string Name [get]
Action OnLogsDetached [getset]
Action OnLogsAttached [getset]
Action< bool > OnLogsAttachmentChanged [getset]
Action< bool > OnSelectionChanged [getset]
Action OnSortChanged [getset]
Action< float, long, long > OnDeployProgress [getset]

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.IBeamableService
void Refresh (IDescriptor descriptor)
void DetachLogs ()
void AttachLogs ()
void PopulateMoreDropdown (ContextualMenuPopulateEvent evt)
Task Start ()
Task Stop ()
- Events inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.IBeamableService
Action< Task > OnStart
Action< Task > OnStop

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