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Beamable.Editor.Toolbox.Models.IToolboxViewService Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

void Initialize ()
void UseDefaultWidgetSource ()
void AddAnnouncement (AnnouncementModelBase announcementModel)
void RemoveAnnouncement (AnnouncementModelBase announcementModel)
bool IsSpecificAnnouncementCurrentlyDisplaying (Type type)
void SetQuery (string filter)
void SetQuery (ToolboxQuery query)
IEnumerable< WidgetGetFilteredWidgets ()
Promise< List< RealmView > > RefreshAvailableRealms ()
void Destroy ()
void SetQueryTag (WidgetTags tags, bool shouldHaveTag)
void SetOrientationSupport (WidgetOrientationSupport orientation, bool shouldHaveOrientation)


List< RealmViewRealms [get]
RealmView CurrentRealm [get]
EditorUser CurrentUser [get]
IWidgetSource WidgetSource [get]
ToolboxQuery Query [get]
string FilterText [get]
IEnumerable< AnnouncementModelBaseAnnouncements [get]


Action< List< RealmView > > OnAvailableRealmsChanged
Action< RealmViewOnRealmChanged
Action< IWidgetSourceOnWidgetSourceChanged
Action OnQueryChanged
Action< EditorUserOnUserChanged
Action< IEnumerable< AnnouncementModelBase > > OnAnnouncementsChanged

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