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Beamable.UI.Scripts.PoolableScrollView Class Reference
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interface  IContentProvider
interface  IItem

Public Member Functions

void SetDirty ()
void SetDirtyContent ()
void SetContentProvider (IContentProvider provider)
void SetContent (List< IItem > items, bool forceTrackLastElement=false, bool forceResetPosition=false)
void SetPosition (float position)
void OnInitializePotentialDrag (PointerEventData eventData)
void OnBeginDrag (PointerEventData eventData)
void OnEndDrag (PointerEventData eventData)
void OnDrag (PointerEventData eventData)
void OnScroll (PointerEventData eventData)
void Rebuild (CanvasUpdate executing)
void LayoutComplete ()
void GraphicUpdateComplete ()
RectTransform GetRect (IItem item)

Protected Member Functions

override void Awake ()
override void OnRectTransformDimensionsChange ()


float Velocity [getset]
float Position [getset]
float PositionMoveTo [getset]
RectTransform ViewRect [get]
float ItemsHeight [get]


Action OnPositionChanged

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