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Beamable.Theme.ThemeObject Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

PaletteStyleCopier< T > CloneParentPaletteStyle< T > (Palette< T >.PaletteBinding binding)
GetPaletteStyle< T > (Palette< T >.PaletteBinding binding, bool ascendThemeTree=true)
List< string > GetPaletteStyleNames (Type bindingType)
void BumpVersion ()

Public Attributes

ThemeObject Parent
ColorPalette ColorPalette
TextPalette TextPalette
FontPalette FontPalette
ImagePalette ImagePalette
GradientPalette GradientPalette
LayoutPalette LayoutPalette
SelectablePalette SelectablePalette
ButtonPalette ButtonPalette
TransformPalette TransformPalette
SoundPalette SoundPalette
WindowPalette WindowPalette
StringPalette StringPalette


int Version [get]
string? Hash [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ CloneParentPaletteStyle< T >()

PaletteStyleCopier< T > Beamable.Theme.ThemeObject.CloneParentPaletteStyle< T > ( Palette< T >.PaletteBinding  binding)
Type Constraints
T :PaletteStyle 

◆ GetPaletteStyle< T >()

T Beamable.Theme.ThemeObject.GetPaletteStyle< T > ( Palette< T >.PaletteBinding  binding,
bool  ascendThemeTree = true 
Type Constraints
T :PaletteStyle 

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