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Beamable.Server.Editor.MicroserviceReflectionCache Class Reference
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class  Registry

Public Attributes

Registry Cache
- Public Attributes inherited from Beamable.Reflection.ReflectionSystemObject
bool Enabled = true
int Priority


override IReflectionSystem System [get]
override IReflectionTypeProvider TypeProvider [get]
override Type SystemType [get]
- Properties inherited from Beamable.Reflection.ReflectionSystemObject
abstract IReflectionSystem System [get]
 The IReflectionSystem instance. There are two common options here:

  • Implement IReflectionSystem in the scriptable object inheriting from this class and return "this" to in the implementation of this property.
  • Implement IReflectionSystem in another regular old C# class.
abstract IReflectionTypeProvider TypeProvider [get]
 Returns the IReflectionTypeProvider that informs the ReflectionCache which types this system cares about. Usually will be the same as the System object.
abstract Type SystemType [get]
 The concrete type of the System.

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