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Beamable.Server.Editor.MicroserviceConfiguration Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

StorageConfigurationEntry GetStorageEntry (string storageName)
MicroserviceConfigurationEntry GetEntry (string serviceName)
int GetIndex (string serviceName, ServiceType serviceType)
void SetIndex (string serviceName, int newIndex, ServiceType serviceType)
void MoveIndex (string serviceName, int offset, ServiceType serviceType)
int OrderComparer (string a, string b, ServiceType serviceType)

Public Attributes

List< MicroserviceConfigurationEntryMicroservices
List< StorageConfigurationEntryStorageObjects
List< BeamServiceCodeHandleServiceCodeHandlesOnLastDomainReload
List< BeamServiceCodeHandleLastBuiltDockerImagesCodeHandles
List< ServiceDependencyChecksumServiceDependencyChecksums = new List<ServiceDependencyChecksum>()
string CustomContainerPrefix
bool AutoReferenceContent = false
bool AutoBuildCommonAssembly = true
bool ColorLogs = true
bool DisableDockerBuildkit = false
bool DockerDesktopCheckInMicroservicesWindow = true
bool EnableHotModuleReload = true
bool EnableAutoPrune = true
OptionalMicroserviceRiderDebugTools RiderDebugTools
string WindowsDockerCommand = DOCKER_LOCATION
string UnixDockerCommand = "/usr/local/bin/docker"
string WindowsDockerDesktopPath = "C:\\Program Files\\Docker\\Docker\\Docker Desktop.exe"
string UnixDockerDesktopPath = "/Applications/"
bool ForwardContainerLogsToUnityConsole
Color LogProcessLabelColor = Color.grey
Color LogStandardOutColor =
Color LogStandardErrColor =
Color LogDebugLabelColor = new Color(.25f, .5f, 1)
Color LogInfoLabelColor =
Color LogErrorLabelColor =
Color LogWarningLabelColor = new Color(1, .6f, .15f)
Color LogFatalLabelColor =


static MicroserviceConfiguration Instance [get]
string DockerCommand [get]
string DockerDesktopPath [get]
string ValidatedDockerCommand [get]

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.AbsModuleConfigurationObject< MicroserviceConfigConstants >
static bool Exists< TConfig > ()
static IConfigurationConstants GetStaticConfigConstants ()
static TConfig Get< TConfig > ()

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