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Beamable.Server.Editor.DockerCommands.RunImageCommand Class Reference
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struct  BindMount

Public Member Functions

 RunImageCommand (string imageName, string containerName, IDescriptor descriptor, Dictionary< string, string > env=null, Dictionary< uint, uint > ports=null, Dictionary< string, string > namedVolumes=null, List< BindMount > bindMounts=null)
string GetEnvironmentString ()
override string GetCommandString ()
override void Start ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Server.Editor.DockerCommands.DockerCommand
void Join ()
void Kill ()

Public Attributes

Action< string > OnStandardOut
Action< string > OnStandardErr
- Public Attributes inherited from Beamable.Server.Editor.DockerCommands.DockerCommand
Action< int > OnExit
string UnityLogLabel = "Docker"

Protected Member Functions

override void HandleStandardOut (string data)
override void HandleStandardErr (string data)
virtual string GetCustomDockerFlags ()
virtual string GetArgString ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Server.Editor.DockerCommands.DockerCommand
virtual void HandleOnExit ()
void LogInfo (string data)
void LogError (string data)
virtual void ModifyStartInfo (ProcessStartInfo processStartInfo)


string ImageName [getset]
string ContainerName [getset]
Dictionary< string, string > Environment [getprotected set]
Dictionary< uint, uint > Ports [getprotected set]
Dictionary< string, string > NamedVolumes [getprotected set]
List< BindMountBindMounts [getprotected set]
- Properties inherited from Beamable.Server.Editor.DockerCommands.DockerCommand
static bool DockerNotInstalled [getprotected set]
static bool DockerNotRunning [getset]
virtual bool DockerRequired [get]
string DockerCmd [get]
bool WriteLogToUnity [getset]
bool WriteCommandToUnity [getset]

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Server.Editor.DockerCommands.DockerCommand
static void ClearDockerInstallFlag ()
static void CheckDockerAppRunning ()
static bool RunDockerProcess ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from Beamable.Server.Editor.DockerCommands.DockerCommand
int _exitCode = -1

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetCommandString()

override string Beamable.Server.Editor.DockerCommands.RunImageCommand.GetCommandString ( )

◆ HandleStandardErr()

override void Beamable.Server.Editor.DockerCommands.RunImageCommand.HandleStandardErr ( string  data)

◆ HandleStandardOut()

override void Beamable.Server.Editor.DockerCommands.RunImageCommand.HandleStandardOut ( string  data)

◆ Start()

override void Beamable.Server.Editor.DockerCommands.RunImageCommand.Start ( )

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