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Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroservicesDataModel Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void RefreshLocal ()
void RefreshServerManifest ()
void AddLogMessage (string name, LogMessage message)
void AddLogMessage (IDescriptor descriptor, LogMessage message)
ServiceStatus GetStatus (MicroserviceDescriptor descriptor)
Dictionary< string, ServiceAvailability > GetAllServicesStatus ()
ServiceReference GetReference (MicroserviceDescriptor descriptor)
ServiceStorageReference GetStorageReference (StorageObjectDescriptor descriptor)
ServiceType GetModelServiceType (string name)
bool ContainsRemoteOnlyModel (string serviceName)
bool ContainsModel (string serviceName)
GetModel< T > (IDescriptor descriptor)
GetModel< T > (string serviceName)
MicroserviceModel GetMicroserviceModel (IDescriptor descriptor)
MongoStorageModel GetStorageModel (IDescriptor descriptor)
void Destroy ()
void OnBeforeSerialize ()
void OnAfterDeserialize ()

Public Attributes

List< IBeamableServiceAllLocalServices = new List<IBeamableService>()
List< IBeamableServiceAllRemoteOnlyServices = new List<IBeamableService>()
ServiceManifest ServerManifest = new ServiceManifest()
GetStatusResponse Status = new GetStatusResponse()
ServicesDisplayFilter Filter = ServicesDisplayFilter.AllTypes
Action< ServiceManifestOnServerManifestUpdated
Action< GetStatusResponseOnStatusUpdated
Guid InstanceId = Guid.NewGuid()


static MicroservicesDataModel Instance [getset]
List< MicroserviceModelServices [get]
List< MongoStorageModelStorages [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetModel< T >() [1/2]

T Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroservicesDataModel.GetModel< T > ( IDescriptor  descriptor)
Type Constraints
T :IBeamableService 
T :GetModel<T> 
T :descriptor.Name 

◆ GetModel< T >() [2/2]

T Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroservicesDataModel.GetModel< T > ( string  serviceName)
Type Constraints
T :IBeamableService 

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