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Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroserviceModel Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

override Task Start ()
override Task Stop ()
Task BuildAndRestart ()
Task BuildAndStart ()
Task Build ()
void OpenLocalDocs ()
void EnrichWithRemoteReference (ServiceReference remoteReference)
void EnrichWithStatus (ServiceStatus status)
override void PopulateMoreDropdown (ContextualMenuPopulateEvent evt)
override void Refresh (IDescriptor descriptor)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.ServiceModelBase
void DetachLogs ()
void AttachLogs ()

Static Public Member Functions

static MicroserviceModel CreateNew (MicroserviceDescriptor descriptor, MicroservicesDataModel dataModel)

Public Attributes

Action< ServiceReferenceOnRemoteReferenceEnriched
Action< ServiceStatusOnRemoteStatusEnriched

Protected Member Functions

void OpenRemoteDocs ()
void OpenRemoteLogs ()
void OpenRemoteMetrics ()
void OpenOnRemote (string relativePath)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.ServiceModelBase
void OpenCode ()


MicroserviceDescriptor ServiceDescriptor [getset]
string AssemblyQualifiedMicroserviceTypeName [get]
MicroserviceBuilder ServiceBuilder [getprotected set]
override IBeamableBuilder Builder [get]
override IDescriptor Descriptor [get]
ServiceReference RemoteReference [getprotected set]
ServiceStatus RemoteStatus [getprotected set]
MicroserviceConfigurationEntry Config [getprotected set]
List< MongoStorageModelDependencies = new List<MongoStorageModel>() [get]
override bool IsRunning [get]
bool IsBuilding [get]
bool SameImageOnRemoteAndLocally [get]
bool IncludeDebugTools [getset]
- Properties inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.ServiceModelBase
abstract bool IsRunning [get]
bool AreLogsAttached [getprotected set]
LogMessageStore Logs [get]
float VisualElementHeight [getset]
abstract IDescriptor Descriptor [get]
abstract IBeamableBuilder Builder [get]
ServiceType ServiceType [get]
string Name [get]
bool? IsSelected [getset]
bool IsCollapsed [getset]
Action OnLogsDetached [getset]
Action OnLogsAttached [getset]
Action< bool > OnLogsAttachmentChanged [getset]
Action< bool > OnSelectionChanged [getset]
Action OnSortChanged [getset]
Action< float, long, long > OnDeployProgress [getset]
- Properties inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.IBeamableService
bool IsSelected [getset]
bool IsRunning [get]
bool AreLogsAttached [get]
LogMessageStore Logs [get]
ServiceType ServiceType [get]
IDescriptor Descriptor [get]
string Name [get]
Action OnLogsDetached [getset]
Action OnLogsAttached [getset]
Action< bool > OnLogsAttachmentChanged [getset]
Action< bool > OnSelectionChanged [getset]
Action OnSortChanged [getset]
Action< float, long, long > OnDeployProgress [getset]
- Properties inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.IBeamableMicroservice
MicroserviceDescriptor ServiceDescriptor [get]
MicroserviceBuilder ServiceBuilder [get]
ServiceStatus RemoteStatus [get]
MicroserviceConfigurationEntry Config [get]


override Action< Task > OnStart
override Action< Task > OnStop
Action< Task > OnBuildAndRestart
Action< Task > OnBuildAndStart
Action< Task > OnBuild
Action< Promise< Unit > > OnDockerLoginRequired
- Events inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.ServiceModelBase
abstract Action< Task > OnStart
abstract Action< Task > OnStop
- Events inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.IBeamableService
Action< Task > OnStart
Action< Task > OnStop

Member Function Documentation

◆ Build()

Task Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroserviceModel.Build ( )

◆ BuildAndRestart()

Task Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroserviceModel.BuildAndRestart ( )

◆ BuildAndStart()

Task Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroserviceModel.BuildAndStart ( )

◆ EnrichWithRemoteReference()

void Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroserviceModel.EnrichWithRemoteReference ( ServiceReference  remoteReference)

◆ EnrichWithStatus()

void Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroserviceModel.EnrichWithStatus ( ServiceStatus  status)

◆ OpenLocalDocs()

void Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroserviceModel.OpenLocalDocs ( )

◆ PopulateMoreDropdown()

override void Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroserviceModel.PopulateMoreDropdown ( ContextualMenuPopulateEvent  evt)

◆ Refresh()

override void Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroserviceModel.Refresh ( IDescriptor  descriptor)

◆ Start()

override Task Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroserviceModel.Start ( )

◆ Stop()

override Task Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroserviceModel.Stop ( )

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