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Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroserviceBuilder Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void ForwardEventsTo (MicroserviceBuilder oldBuilder)
override async void Init (IDescriptor descriptor)
async Task< bool > TryToBuild (bool includeDebuggingTools)
async Task TryToGetLastImageId ()
async Task TryToBuildAndRestart (bool includeDebuggingTools)
async Task TryToBuildAndStart (bool includeDebuggingTools)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.ServiceBuilderBase
async Task CheckIfIsRunning ()
async Task TryToStart ()
async Task TryToStop ()
async Task TryToRestart ()

Public Attributes

Action< bool > OnIsBuildingChanged
Action< string > OnLastImageIdChanged

Protected Member Functions

override async Task< RunImageCommandPrepareRunCommand ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.ServiceBuilderBase
void CaptureLogs ()


bool? IsBuilding [get]
string? LastBuildImageId [get]
bool HasImage [get]
bool HasBuildDirectory [get]
- Properties inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.ServiceBuilderBase
IDescriptor Descriptor [getset]
Action< bool > OnIsRunningChanged [getset]
Action< int, int > OnBuildingProgress [getset]
Action< int, int > OnStartingProgress [getset]
Action< bool > OnBuildingFinished [getset]
Action< bool > OnStartingFinished [getset]
bool? IsRunning [getset]
- Properties inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.IBeamableBuilder
Action< bool > OnIsRunningChanged [getset]
Action< int, int > OnBuildingProgress [getset]
Action< int, int > OnStartingProgress [getset]
Action< bool > OnStartingFinished [getset]
Action< bool > OnBuildingFinished [getset]
bool IsRunning [getset]

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.ServiceBuilderBase
DockerCommand _logProcess
RunImageCommand _runProcess
bool _isRunning

Member Function Documentation

◆ Init()

override async void Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroserviceBuilder.Init ( IDescriptor  descriptor)

◆ PrepareRunCommand()

override async Task< RunImageCommand > Beamable.Editor.UI.Model.MicroserviceBuilder.PrepareRunCommand ( )

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