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Beamable.Editor.UI.Components.PrimaryButtonVisualElement Class Reference
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class  UxmlFactory
class  UxmlTraits

Public Member Functions

void SetText (string text)
bool CheckGateKeepers ()
void AddGateKeeper (params FormConstraint[] constraints)
void Disable ()
void Enable ()
void SetAsFailure (bool failure=true)
void Load< T > (Promise< T > promise)
override void Refresh ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Common.BeamableBasicVisualElement
void Refresh (IDependencyProvider provider)
virtual void Init ()
void Destroy ()

Static Public Member Functions

static string AliasErrorHandler (string alias)
static string AliasOrCidErrorHandler (string aliasOrCid)
static string GameNameErrorHandler (string gameName)
static string ExistErrorHandler (string field)
static string EmailErrorHandler (string email)
static string PasswordErrorHandler (string password)
static string LegalErrorHandler (bool read)
static string IsBetweenCharLength (string text, int max, int min=-1)
static string IsValidClassName (string name)
static bool IsPassword (string password)
static Func< string, bool > MatchesTextField (TextField tf)
static bool IsSlug (string slug)
static string GenerateSlug (string phrase)
static bool IsGameNameValid (string gameName, out string errorMessage)
static bool IsValidEmail (string email)


string Text [get]
Button Button [get]
- Properties inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Common.BeamableBasicVisualElement
VisualElement Root [getset]
string UssPath [get]

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Common.BeamableBasicVisualElement
IDependencyProvider provider
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Components.BeamableVisualElement
 BeamableVisualElement (string commonPath)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Editor.UI.Common.BeamableBasicVisualElement
 BeamableBasicVisualElement (string ussPath, bool createRoot=true)
virtual void OnDestroy ()
virtual void OnDetach ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ Refresh()

override void Beamable.Editor.UI.Components.PrimaryButtonVisualElement.Refresh ( )

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