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Beamable.Editor.Modules.Account.EditorUser Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 EditorUser (User user)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Common.Api.Auth.User
bool HasDBCredentials ()
 Check if the player has registered an email address with their account. More...
bool HasThirdPartyAssociation (AuthThirdParty thirdParty)
 Check if a specific AuthThirdParty exists in the player's thirdPartyAppAssociations list. More...
bool HasAnyCredentials ()
 Check if any credentials have been associated with this account, whether email, device ids or third party apps. More...
bool HasScope (string scope)
 Check if a specific scope exists for the player's permissions. If the user is an Admin, and has the * scope, then every scope check will return true. This method reads the scope data from the scopes list More...

Public Attributes

string roleString
- Public Attributes inherited from Beamable.Common.Api.Auth.User
long id
 The unique id of the player, sometimes called a "dbid".
string email
 If the player has associated an email with their account, the email will appear here. Null otherwise. The email can be associated with the IAuthApi.RegisterDBCredentials method
string language
 If the player has chosen a language for their account, the language code will appear here. EN by default.
List< string > scopes
 Scopes are permissions that the player has over the Beamable ecosystem. Most players will have no scopes. Players with the role of "tester" will have some "read" based scopes, Players with the role of "developer" will have most all scopes except those relating to team management, and Players with the role of "admin" will have single scope with the value of "*", which indicates ALL scopes.
List< string > thirdPartyAppAssociations
 If the player has associated any third party accounts with their account, those will appear here. The values of the strings will be taken from the AuthThirdPartyMethods.GetString method. Third parties can be associated with the IAuthApi.RegisterThirdPartyCredentials method.
List< string > deviceIds
 If the player has associated any device Ids with their account, those will appear here.

Static Public Attributes

const string ADMIN_ROLE = "admin"
const string DEVELOPER_ROLE = "developer"
const string TESTER_ROLE = "tester"


bool IsAtLeastAdmin [get]
bool IsAtLeastDeveloper [get]
bool IsAtLeastTester [get]
bool HasNoRole [get]
bool CanPushContent [get]

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