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Beamable.Editor.Login.UI.Model.LoginModel Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void SetError (string error)
Promise< List< RealmView > > ResetGames ()
void Destroy ()
void SetGame (RealmView game)
Promise< LoginModelInitialize ()


CustomerModel Customer = new CustomerModel() [get]
List< RealmViewGames = new List<RealmView>() [getset]
bool StartedWithConfiguration = false [get]
bool StartedWithUser = false [get]
string LastError [get]
bool ReadLegalCopy [getset]
CustomerView CurrentCustomer [get]
EditorUser CurrentUser [get]
RealmView CurrentGame [get]
RealmView CurrentRealm [get]


Action< string > OnError
Action OnErrorCleared
Action< List< RealmView > > OnGamesUpdated
Action< EditorUserOnCurrentUserChanged
Action< RealmViewOnGameChanged
Action< LoginModelOnStateChanged

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