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Beamable.Editor.Login.UI.LoginManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

Promise< LoginModelInitialize (LoginModel model)
void AssumePage (LoginModel model)
LoginBaseComponent GetStartLoginPage (LoginModel model)
 Given the current state of the world, get the component we should start a login flow on.
void GoToPreviousPage ()
Promise< LoginManagerResultLogout (LoginModel model)
Promise< LoginManagerResultSendPasswordResetCode (LoginModel model)
Promise< LoginManagerResultSendPasswordResetEmail (LoginModel model)
Promise< LoginManagerResultAttemptProjectSelect (LoginModel model, RealmView game)
Promise< LoginManagerResultAttemptNewCustomer (LoginModel model)
Promise< LoginManagerResultAttemptNewUser (LoginModel model)
Promise< LoginManagerResultAttemptLoginExistingCustomer (LoginModel model)
bool HasPreviousPage ()
bool IsPreviousPage< T > ()
void GotoLogin ()
void GotoSummary ()
void GotoForgotPassword ()
void GotoExistingCustomer ()
void GotoLegalCopy ()
void GotoProjectSelectVisualElement ()
void GotoNewCustomer ()
void GotoNewUser ()
void GotoNoRole ()
void GotoNewPage (LoginBaseComponent component)
void Destroy ()


Promise< LoginModelInitializedModel [get]
Promise< UnitOnComplete = new Promise<Unit>() [get]
LoginBaseComponent StartElement [get]


Action< LoginBaseComponentOnPageChanged

Member Function Documentation

◆ IsPreviousPage< T >()

bool Beamable.Editor.Login.UI.LoginManager.IsPreviousPage< T > ( )
Type Constraints
T :LoginBaseComponent 

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