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Beamable.Editor.Content.Models.ContentItemDescriptor Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ContentItemDescriptor (IContentObject content, ContentTypeDescriptor typeDescriptor, string assetPath)
 ContentItemDescriptor (LocalContentManifestEntry entry, ContentTypeDescriptor typeDescriptor)
 ContentItemDescriptor (ManifestReferenceSuperset entry, ContentTypeDescriptor typeDescriptor)
void EnrichWithServerData (ManifestReferenceSuperset reference)
void EnrichWithLocalData (IContentObject content, string assetPath)
void EnrichWithLocalData (LocalContentManifestEntry entry)
void EnrichWithNoServerData ()
void EnrichWithNoLocalData ()
IEnumerable< ContentTagDescriptorGetAllTags ()
IEnumerable< string > GetValidationErrors ()
LocalContentManifestEntry GetLocalContent ()
IContentObject GetContent ()
ManifestReferenceSuperset GetServerData ()
void EnrichWithValidationErrors (List< ContentException > exceptions)
void EnrichWithNoValidationErrors ()
void ForceRename ()


string? Name [getset]
ContentTypeDescriptor ContentType [get]
ContentValidationStatus ValidationStatus [get]
ContentModificationStatus? Status [get]
string AssetPath [get]
string AssetPathShort [get]
 A display version of the asset path that is relative to the data dir, and removes the asset file extension.
HashSet< string > AllTags [get]
HashSet< string > LocalTags [get]
HashSet< string > ServerTags [get]
HostStatus LocalStatus [get]
HostStatus ServerStatus [get]
string Id [get]


Action< ContentItemDescriptorOnRenamed
 Invoked when name change is requested.
Action OnRenameRequested
 Invoked when the name should be changed by a user
Action< ContentItemDescriptorOnEnriched
 Invoked when any change is made

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