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Beamable.Editor.Content.ContentManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void Initialize ()
void RefreshServer ()
IContentObject AddItem ()
IContentObject AddItem (ContentTypeDescriptor typeDescriptor)
Promise< List< ContentExceptionCollection > > ValidateContent (HandleContentProgress progressHandler, HandleValidationErrors errorHandler)
Promise< UnitPublishContent (ContentPublishSet publishSet, HandleContentProgress progressHandler, HandleDownloadFinished finishedHandler)
Promise< UnitDownloadContent (DownloadSummary summary, HandleContentProgress progressHandler, HandleDownloadFinished finishedHandler)
async void RefreshWindow (bool isHardRefresh)
 Refresh the data and thus rendering of the ContentManagerWindow More...
void ShowDocs ()
Promise< DownloadSummaryPrepareDownloadSummary (params ContentItemDescriptor[] filter)
Promise< DownloadSummaryPrepareDownloadSummary (string[] ids)
void Destroy ()
Promise< ContentPublishSetCreatePublishSet (bool newNamespace=false)


ContentDataModel Model = new ContentDataModel() [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ RefreshWindow()

async void Beamable.Editor.Content.ContentManager.RefreshWindow ( bool  isHardRefresh)

Refresh the data and thus rendering of the ContentManagerWindow

isHardRefreshTODO: My though there is that false means keep the currently selected item. TBD if possible. - srivello

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