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Beamable.Common.Player.DefaultObservable Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual int GetBroadcastChecksum ()
 The broadcast checksum is a concept for change-detection. More...

Protected Member Functions

void TriggerUpdate ()


Action OnUpdated
 A "change" only happens when the value of the GetBroadcastChecksum changes.
- Events inherited from Beamable.Common.Player.IObservable
Action OnUpdated
 An event that happens whenever the object has changed.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBroadcastChecksum()

virtual int Beamable.Common.Player.DefaultObservable.GetBroadcastChecksum ( )

The broadcast checksum is a concept for change-detection.

An observable may have a complex data structure, and detecting changes can be very context specific. This method provides a way to compute some "hash" or "checksum" of the data. The "same" internal values should always produce the same output integer.

By default, the broadcast checksum will use the object's GetHashCode() implementation.

an checksum of the object state

Reimplemented in Beamable.Common.Player.Observable< T >, Beamable.Common.Player.AbsObservableReadonlyList< T >, Beamable.Common.Player.AbsObservableReadonlyDictionary< TValue, TDict >, and Beamable.Player.PlayerItem.

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