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Beamable.Common.Content.ContentQuery Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ContentQuery (ContentQuery other)
virtual bool Accept (IContentObject content)
bool AcceptTag (IContentObject content)
bool AcceptTags (HashSet< string > tags)
bool AcceptType< TContent > (bool allowInherit=true)
bool AcceptType (Type type, bool allowInherit=true)
bool AcceptIdContains (IContentObject content)
bool EqualsContentQuery (ContentQuery other)
override bool Equals (object obj)
override int GetHashCode ()
string ToString (string existing)
override string ToString ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Common.DefaultQuery
bool AcceptIdContains (string id)

Static Public Member Functions

static ContentQuery Parse (string text)

Public Attributes

HashSet< Type > TypeConstraints
HashSet< string > TagConstraints
- Public Attributes inherited from Beamable.Common.DefaultQuery
string IdContainsConstraint

Static Public Attributes

static readonly ContentQuery Unit = new ContentQuery()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void ApplyTypeParse (string raw, ContentQuery query)
static void ApplyTagParse (string raw, ContentQuery query)
static bool SerializeTagRule (ContentQuery query, out string str)
static bool SerializeTypeRule (ContentQuery query, out string str)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Common.DefaultQuery
static bool SerializeIdRule (DefaultQuery query, out string str)

Static Protected Attributes

static readonly Dictionary< string, DefaultQueryParser.ApplyParseRule< ContentQuery > > StandardRules
static readonly List< DefaultQueryParser.SerializeRule< ContentQuery > > StandardSerializeRules

Member Data Documentation

◆ StandardRules

readonly Dictionary<string, DefaultQueryParser.ApplyParseRule<ContentQuery> > Beamable.Common.Content.ContentQuery.StandardRules
Initial value:
= new Dictionary<string, DefaultQueryParser.ApplyParseRule<ContentQuery>>
{"t", ApplyTypeParse},
{"id", DefaultQueryParser.ApplyIdParse},
{"tag", ApplyTagParse},

◆ StandardSerializeRules

readonly List<DefaultQueryParser.SerializeRule<ContentQuery> > Beamable.Common.Content.ContentQuery.StandardSerializeRules
Initial value:
= new List<DefaultQueryParser.SerializeRule<ContentQuery>>
SerializeTagRule, SerializeTypeRule, SerializeIdRule

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