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Beamable.Common.Api.Tournaments.TournamentEntry Class Reference

Public Attributes

long playerId
 The gamertag of the player this entry represents
long rank
 The player's rank in the tournament. The lower the rank, the better the player is performing. Think of this as "first place"
int stageChange
 How many stages will the player advance after the currency cycle completes? If the player is doing well, then the player will advance according to the tournament content configuration. Players can also lose stages. If a player will lose a stage, this field value will be negative.
double score
 The player's score. The score can be updated with the ITournamentApi.SetScore method.
List< TournamentRewardCurrencycurrencyRewards
 The TournamentRewardCurrencys that the player will be granted after the cycle completes. In order to claim the currency, the player must call ITournamentApi.ClaimAllRewards

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