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Beamable.Common.Api.Mail.AbsMailApi Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

Promise< SearchMailResponseSearchMail (SearchMailRequest request)
Promise< ListMailResponseGetMail (string category, long startId=0, long limit=100)
Promise< EmptyResponseSendMail (MailSendRequest request)
 Must be sent from an admin user or a microservice. More...
Promise< EmptyResponseUpdate (MailUpdateRequest updates)
Promise< EmptyResponseAcceptMany (MailAcceptManyRequest manyRequest)
 Accept all the attachments from a set of mail messages. More...
abstract Promise< MailQueryResponseGetCurrent (string scope="")
- Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Common.Api.ISupportsGet< MailQueryResponse >
Promise< TData > GetCurrent (string scope="")

Static Public Attributes

const string SERVICE_NAME = "mail"

Protected Member Functions

 AbsMailApi (IBeamableRequester requester, IUserContext ctx)


IBeamableRequester Requester [get]
IUserContext Ctx [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ AcceptMany()

Promise<EmptyResponse> Beamable.Common.Api.Mail.AbsMailApi.AcceptMany ( MailAcceptManyRequest  manyRequest)

Accept all the attachments from a set of mail messages.

manyRequestRequest structure containing numeric message IDs.

◆ SendMail()

Promise<EmptyResponse> Beamable.Common.Api.Mail.AbsMailApi.SendMail ( MailSendRequest  request)

Must be sent from an admin user or a microservice.

requestStructure holding 1 or more messages to send and to whom.

Implements Beamable.Common.Api.Mail.IMailApi.

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