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Beamable.Common.Announcements.ListOfAnnouncementApi Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

override string GetListPropertyPath ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Common.Content.DisplayableList< AnnouncementApiReward >
void CopyTo (Array array, int index)
IEnumerator GetEnumerator ()
int Add (object value)
void Clear ()
bool Contains (object value)
int IndexOf (object value)
void Insert (int index, object value)
void Remove (object value)
void RemoveAt (int index)

Public Attributes

List< AnnouncementApiRewardlistData = new List<AnnouncementApiReward>()


override IList InternalList [get]
- Properties inherited from Beamable.Common.Content.DisplayableList< AnnouncementApiReward >
Type ElementType [get]
abstract IList InternalList [get]
int Count [get]
bool IsSynchronized [get]
object SyncRoot [get]
bool IsFixedSize [get]
bool IsReadOnly [get]
object this[int index] [getset]

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetListPropertyPath()

override string Beamable.Common.Announcements.ListOfAnnouncementApi.GetListPropertyPath ( )

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