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Beamable.Api.Notification.PubnubSubscriptionManager Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

delegate void OnPubNubOperationDelegate ()
void Initialize (PlatformService platform)
void Reset ()
void Update ()
void OnDisable ()
void SubscribeToProvider ()
void EnqueueOperation (PubNubOp operation, bool shouldRunNextOp=false)
void UnsubscribeAll ()
void LoadChannelHistory (string channel, int msgLimit, Action< List< object >> onHistory, Action< PubnubClientError > onHistoryError)
void OnMessageReceived (object result)
void OnSubscribeMessage (object result)
void OnUnsubscribeMessage (object result)
void OnSubscribeError (PubnubClientError pubnubError)
void OnUnsubscribeError (PubnubClientError pubnubError)


bool PubnubIsConnected [get]
long NumActiveChannels [get]
string FilterExpression [get, set]

Detailed Description

Manage the connection and subscriptions to PubNub

Member Function Documentation

◆ LoadChannelHistory()

void Beamable.Api.Notification.PubnubSubscriptionManager.LoadChannelHistory ( string  channel,
int  msgLimit,
Action< List< object >>  onHistory,
Action< PubnubClientError onHistoryError 

History request for the channel. We pay by the message and history messages count towards that total. Be judicious on the amount of history retrieved

◆ UnsubscribeAll()

void Beamable.Api.Notification.PubnubSubscriptionManager.UnsubscribeAll ( )

This method is used to unsubscribe from all channels used for notification and for chat. It is meant for use on exit

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