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Beamable.Api.Auth.AuthService Class Reference

This type defines the Client main entry point for the Auth feature. More...

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Public Member Functions

 AuthService (IBeamableRequester requester, IAuthSettings settings=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Common.Api.Auth.AuthApi
 AuthApi (IBeamableRequester requester, IAuthSettings settings=null)
Promise< UserGetUser ()
Promise< UserGetUser (TokenResponse token)
Promise< bool > IsEmailAvailable (string email)
Promise< bool > IsThirdPartyAvailable (AuthThirdParty thirdParty, string token)
Promise< TokenResponseCreateUser ()
Promise< TokenResponseLoginRefreshToken (string refreshToken)
Promise< TokenResponseLogin (string username, string password, bool mergeGamerTagToAccount=true, bool customerScoped=false)
Promise< TokenResponseLoginThirdParty (AuthThirdParty thirdParty, string thirdPartyToken, bool includeAuthHeader=true)
Promise< UserRegisterDBCredentials (string email, string password)
Promise< UserRegisterThirdPartyCredentials (AuthThirdParty thirdParty, string accessToken)
Promise< EmptyResponseIssueEmailUpdate (string newEmail)
Promise< EmptyResponseConfirmEmailUpdate (string code, string password)
Promise< EmptyResponseIssuePasswordUpdate (string email)
Promise< EmptyResponseConfirmPasswordUpdate (string code, string newPassword)
Promise< CustomerRegistrationResponseRegisterCustomer (string email, string password, string projectName, string customerName, string alias)
Promise< CurrentProjectResponseGetCurrentProject ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Beamable.Common.Api.Auth.AuthApi
IBeamableRequester Requester => _requester
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from Beamable.Common.Api.Auth.AuthApi
const string ACCOUNT_URL = "/basic/accounts"
- Properties inherited from Beamable.Common.Api.IHasBeamableRequester
IBeamableRequester Requester [get]

Detailed Description

This type defines the Client main entry point for the Auth feature.

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