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Beamable.AccountManagement.AccountPlayerDataMenu Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

override void OnOpened ()
override void OnWentBack ()
void ResetPlaceholder ()
void Save ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.UI.Scripts.MenuBase
virtual string GetTitleText ()
void Hide ()

Public Attributes

StatBehaviour AliasStat
StatBehaviour AvatarStat
AvatarPickerBehaviour AvatarPickerBehaviour
InputReference AliasInput
TextMeshProUGUI Placeholder
InputValidationBehaviour AliasInputValidation
Button SaveButton
StringBinding PlaceholderString
StringBinding ErrorPlaceholderString
ColorBinding PlaceholderColor
ColorBinding ErrorPlaceholderColor
- Public Attributes inherited from Beamable.UI.Scripts.MenuBase
StringBinding Title
bool Float = false
bool DestoryOnLeave
UnityEvent OnOpen
UnityEvent OnClosed


Promise< UnitOpenDurationPromise [get]
- Properties inherited from Beamable.UI.Scripts.MenuBase
MenuManagementBehaviour Manager [getset]

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnOpened()

override void Beamable.AccountManagement.AccountPlayerDataMenu.OnOpened ( )

Reimplemented from Beamable.UI.Scripts.MenuBase.

◆ OnWentBack()

override void Beamable.AccountManagement.AccountPlayerDataMenu.OnWentBack ( )

Reimplemented from Beamable.UI.Scripts.MenuBase.

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