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Beamable.AccountManagement.AccountManagementSignals Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void ToggleAccountManagement ()
void ToggleAccountManagement (bool desiredState)
void CheckSignedInUser ()
void UpdateLoginEmail (TextReference textReference)
void UpdateLoginEmail (string currentEmail)
void Login (LoginArguments reference)
void Login (TokenReference reference)
void Login (string email, string password)
void LoginThirdParty (ThirdPartyLoginArgument argument)
void BecomeAnonymous ()
void ForgetUser (TokenReference reference)
void StartForgotPassword (ForgotPasswordArguments reference)
void ConfirmForgotPassword (ForgotPasswordArguments reference)
void ConfirmForgotPassword (string email, string code, string password)
void AcceptAccountSwitch ()
Promise< T > WithLoading< T > (string message, Promise< T > promise)
Promise< T > WithCriticalLoading< T > (string message, Promise< T > promise)
void DeferBroadcast< TArg > (TArg arg, Func< AccountManagementSignals, DeSignal< TArg > > getter)

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetPending (User user, TokenResponse token)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.Signals.DeSignalTower
static void ForAll< TSignalTower > (Action< TSignalTower > action)

Public Attributes

ToggleEvent OnToggleAccountManagement
LoadingEvent Loading
ErrorEvent OnError
EmailEvent EmailIsAvailable
EmailEvent EmailIsRegistered
EmailEvent EmailIsInvalid
EmailEvent ForgotPasswordEmailSent
UserEvent UserAnonymous
UserEvent UserAvailable
UserEvent UserLoggedIn
UserEvent UserSwitchAvailable
UserEvent UserLoggingOut
UsersEvent DeviceUsersAvailable
ThirdPartyLoginPromiseEvent ThirdPartyLoginAttempted
- Public Attributes inherited from Beamable.Signals.DeSignalTower
bool Diagnostic

Protected Member Functions

override void OnAfterDisable ()
override void OnAfterEnable ()


static bool ToggleState [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnAfterDisable()

override void Beamable.AccountManagement.AccountManagementSignals.OnAfterDisable ( )

Reimplemented from Beamable.Signals.DeSignalTower.

◆ OnAfterEnable()

override void Beamable.AccountManagement.AccountManagementSignals.OnAfterEnable ( )

Reimplemented from Beamable.Signals.DeSignalTower.

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