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Beamable.AccountManagement.AccountManagementConfiguration Class Reference
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struct  UserThirdPartyAssociation

Public Member Functions

bool AuthEnabled (AuthThirdParty thirdParty)
 Tell whether a given auth third party is available and enabled in the config. More...
Promise< List< UserThirdPartyAssociation > > GetAllEnabledThirdPartiesForUser (User user)

Public Attributes

bool Facebook
bool Apple
bool Google
string GoogleClientID
string GoogleIosClientID
bool EnableGoogleSignInOnApple
StatObject DisplayNameStat
string SubtextLabel = "Progress"
StatObject SubtextStat
StatObject AvatarStat
CodeType PasswordResetCodeType = CodeType.PIN
int AliasCharacterLimit = 18
bool ShowPromotionalSlider = false


static AccountManagementConfiguration Instance [get]
AccountManagementAdapter Overrides [get]
- Properties inherited from Beamable.Common.Api.Auth.IAuthSettings
CodeType PasswordResetCodeType [get]

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.AbsModuleConfigurationObject< BeamableConfigurationConstants >
static bool Exists< TConfig > ()
static IConfigurationConstants GetStaticConfigConstants ()
static TConfig Get< TConfig > ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ AuthEnabled()

bool Beamable.AccountManagement.AccountManagementConfiguration.AuthEnabled ( AuthThirdParty  thirdParty)

Tell whether a given auth third party is available and enabled in the config.

thirdPartyThe third party to check
True if the third party is available

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