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Beamable.AccountManagement.AccountMainMenu Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

IEnumerator SchedulePositionPagination ()
void PositionPagination ()
void ToggleShowMoreAccounts ()
void ShowThirdPartyScreen (ThirdPartyLoginPromise arg)
void OnAccountEditOpened ()
void OnAccountEditClosed ()
void GoToSelectMenu (AccountDisplayItem item)
void OnUserAvailable (User user)
void OnAnonymousUser (User user)
void OnOtherAccountsAvailable (DeviceUserArg data)
void OnEmailPressed ()
void OnSwitchAccountPressed ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Beamable.UI.Scripts.MenuBase
virtual void OnOpened ()
virtual string GetTitleText ()
virtual void OnWentBack ()
void Hide ()

Public Attributes

AccountDisplayItem _accountObj
GameObject _promoObj
GameObject _promoPagination
GameObject _switchAccountObj
GameObject _developerLogo
Button emailButton
Button facebookButton
Button appleButton
Button googleButton
TextMeshProUGUI emailText
TextMeshProUGUI facebookText
TextMeshProUGUI appleText
Transform otherAccountsContainer
AccountDisplayItem AccountDisplayPrefab
LoadingIndicator LoadingIndicator
UnityEvent OnInitialize
AccountManagementBehaviour AccountBehaviour
List< TextMeshProUGUI > PromoTextElements
MediaSourceBehaviour MediaSource
RectTransform OtherAccountsScroller
LayoutElement ExpandAccountButton
RectTransform ExpandAccountVisual
AccountCustomizationBehaviour CustomizationBehaviour
bool ShowMoreAccounts
- Public Attributes inherited from Beamable.UI.Scripts.MenuBase
StringBinding Title
bool Float = false
bool DestoryOnLeave
UnityEvent OnOpen
UnityEvent OnClosed

Protected Member Functions

void OnEnable ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from Beamable.UI.Scripts.MenuBase
MenuManagementBehaviour Manager [getset]

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