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DisruptorBeam.IDisruptorEngine Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

void UpdateUserData (User user)
Promise< ISet< UserBundle > > GetDeviceUsers ()
void RemoveDeviceUser (TokenResponse token)
Promise< UnitApplyToken (TokenResponse response)


User User [get]
AccessToken Token [get]
AnnouncementsService AnnouncementService [get]
IAuthService AuthService [get]
ChatService ChatService [get]
CloudSavingService CloudSavingService [get]
ContentService ContentService [get]
GameRelayService GameRelayService [get]
InventoryService InventoryService [get]
LeaderboardService LeaderboardService [get]
PlatformRequester Requester [get]
StatsService Stats [get]
CommerceService Commerce [get]
MatchmakingService Matchmaking [get]
Promise< PaymentDelegatePaymentDelegate [get]
ConnectivityService ConnectivityService [get]


Action< UserOnUserChanged

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