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TMPro.Examples.CameraController Class Reference
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Public Types

enum  CameraModes { Follow, Isometric, Free }

Public Attributes

Transform CameraTarget
float FollowDistance = 30.0f
float MaxFollowDistance = 100.0f
float MinFollowDistance = 2.0f
float ElevationAngle = 30.0f
float MaxElevationAngle = 85.0f
float MinElevationAngle = 0f
float OrbitalAngle = 0f
CameraModes CameraMode = CameraModes.Follow
bool MovementSmoothing = true
bool RotationSmoothing = false
float MovementSmoothingValue = 25f
float RotationSmoothingValue = 5.0f
float MoveSensitivity = 2.0f

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