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GameSession Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void OnInit (RelayState state)
void OnConnect (RelayPlayer player)
void OnDisconnect (RelayPlayer player)
int GetPlayerIndex (GamePlayer player)
PlayerReadyEvent CreateNewPlayerEvent (PlayerResponse response)
void DeclareVictory ()
void FritterAway ()
void MoveCharacter (Vector3Int targetGridPosition)
void RaiseShield ()
void ShootArrow (Vector3Int targetGridPosition)
void ShootFireball (Vector3Int targetGridPosition)
void PlayerIsReady ()
void PlayerIsNotReady ()
IEnumerable< Vector3Int > GridNeighbors ()

Public Attributes

GamePlayer PlayerPrefab
Fireball FireballPrefab
Arrow ArrowPrefab
TextMeshProUGUI TxtDebug
BattleGrid Grid
PlayerInputStateMachine playerInput
GameOverController gameOver
MatchMakingUI mUI
TurnTimer timer
int TurnNumber = 1
UnityEvent negativeSoundEvent
int pointsForSurviving
int pointsPerKill
RelaySession session
RelayState state
string Seed => state.seed
readonly List< GamePlayergamePlayers = new List<GamePlayer>()
List< Component > playerComponents = new List<Component>()

Static Public Attributes

const string LEADERBOARD_NAME = "leaderboards.rankings"


static GameSession Instance [get]
GamePlayer Myself [get]

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