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DisruptorBeam.Modules.AccountManagement.AccountManagementConfiguration Class Reference
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struct  UserThirdPartyAssociation

Public Member Functions

bool Has (AuthThirdParty thirdParty)
Promise< List< UserThirdPartyAssociation > > GetAllEnabledThirdPartiesForUser (User user)

Public Attributes

bool Facebook
StatObject DisplayNameStat
string SubtextLabel = "Progress"
StatObject SubtextStat
StatObject AvatarStat
int AliasCharacterLimit = 18
bool ShowPromotionalSlider = false

Static Public Attributes

static AccountManagementConfiguration Instance => Get<AccountManagementConfiguration>()


AccountManagementAdapter Overrides [get]

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DisruptorBeam.Modules.ModuleConfigurationObject
static TConfig Get< TConfig > ()

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