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DisruptorBeam.Editor.Content.ContentIO Class Reference

The purpose of this class is to More...

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Public Member Functions

 ContentIO (IPlatformRequester requester)
Promise< ManifestFetchManifest ()
Promise< ContentStatus > GetStatus (ContentObject content)
void ScanAssemblies ()
void Select (ContentObject content)
IEnumerable< TContent > FindAllContent< TContent > ()
IEnumerable< ContentObjectFindAll ()
IEnumerable< Type > GetContentTypes ()
IEnumerable< ContentObjectFindAllContentByType (Type type)
void EnsureAllDefaultContent ()
void EnsureDefaultContentByType (Type type)
void EnsureDefaultContent< TContent > ()
void EnsureDefaultAssetsByType (Type type)
void EnsureDefaultAssets< TContent > ()
void Create< TContent > (TContent content)
void Delete< TContent > (TContent content)
string Checksum (ContentObject content)
string Serialize< TContent > (TContent content)
void Rename< TContent > (TContent content, string newName)
void SetContentName< TContent > (TContent content, string newName)

Static Public Member Functions

static ContentIOEventGroup< TContent > GetEventGroup< TContent > ()

Public Attributes

Promise< ManifestOnManifest => _manifestPromise ?? FetchManifest()


ContentDelegate OnSelectionChanged

Detailed Description

The purpose of this class is to

  1. scrape local editor directory for content assets
  2. handle the upload of the assets to Platform
  3. create new editor-side-not-yet-deployed content

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