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DisruptorBeam.Content.ListingContent Class Reference
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Public Attributes

ListingPrice price
ListingOffer offer
OptionalPeriod activePeriod
OptionalInt purchaseLimit
OptionalStats playerStatRequirements
OptionalOffers offerRequirements
OptionalDict clientData
OptionalInt activeDurationSeconds
OptionalInt activeDurationCoolDownSeconds
OptionalInt activeDurationPurchaseLimit
OptionalString buttonText
- Public Attributes inherited from DisruptorBeam.Content.ContentObject
string ContentType => GetContentType(GetType())
string Id => $"{ContentType}.{ContentName}"

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from DisruptorBeam.Content.ContentObject
ContentObject SetContentName (string name)
ContentObject SetContentMetadata (string name, string version)
void BroadcastUpdate ()
void Serialize (JsonSerializable.IStreamSerializer s)
 Serialize this content into a json block, containing ONLY the properties object. Ex: { "sample": { "data": 4 }, "sample2": { "data": { "nested": 5 } } } More...
void ApplyProperties (ArrayDict dict)
 Set all the values of this content object from the given ArrayDict. This is a modifying action. More...
virtual void Validate ()
 Validate this ContentObject. More...
bool HasValidationErrors (out List< string > errors)
List< ContentValidationExceptionGetMemberValidationErrors ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DisruptorBeam.Content.ContentObject
static TContent FromDictionary< TContent > (string name, ArrayDict dict)
 Create a new piece of content More...
static string GetContentType (Type contentType)
static string GetContentType< TContent > ()
static TContent Make< TContent > (string name)
- Properties inherited from DisruptorBeam.Content.ContentObject
string ContentVersion [get]
string ContentName [get]
- Events inherited from DisruptorBeam.Content.ContentObject
ContentDelegate OnChanged

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