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Core.Serialization.SmallerJSON.ArrayDict Class Reference
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struct  Enumerator

Public Member Functions

void Add (TKey key, TValue value)
void AddUnchecked (TKey key, TValue value)
bool ContainsKey (TKey key)
bool Remove (TKey key)
bool TryGetValue (TKey key, out TValue value)
void Add (KeyValuePair< TKey, TValue > item)
void Clear ()
bool Contains (KeyValuePair< TKey, TValue > item)
void CopyTo (KeyValuePair< TKey, TValue >[] array, int arrayIndex)
bool Remove (KeyValuePair< TKey, TValue > item)
IEnumerator< KeyValuePair< TKey, TValue > > GetEnumerator ()


TValue this[TKey key] [get, set]
ICollection< TKey > Keys [get]
ICollection< TValue > Values [get]
int Count [get]
bool IsReadOnly [get]

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