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Core.Serialization.JsonSerializable.LoadStream Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void Init (IDictionary< string, object > dict, JsonSerializable.ListMode m)
override void OnRecycle ()
bool HasKey (string key)
object GetValue (string key)
void SetValue (string key, object value)
void RegisterISerializableFactory (ISerializableFactory factory)
void DeregisterISerializableFactory (ISerializableFactory factory)
bool Serialize (string key, ref IDictionary< string, object > target)
bool SerializeDictionary< T > (string parentKey, ref Dictionary< string, T > target)
bool Serialize (string key, ref bool target)
bool Serialize (string key, ref int target)
bool Serialize (string key, ref long target)
bool Serialize (string key, ref ulong target)
bool Serialize (string key, ref float target)
bool Serialize (string key, ref double target)
bool Serialize (string key, ref string target)
bool Serialize (string key, ref StringBuilder target)
bool Serialize (string key, ref DateTime target)
bool Serialize (string key, ref Rect target)
bool Serialize (string key, ref Vector2 v)
bool Serialize (string key, ref Vector3 v)
bool Serialize (string key, ref Vector4 v)
bool Serialize (string key, ref Color v)
bool Serialize (string key, ref Quaternion target)
bool Serialize (string key, ref Gradient target)
bool Serialize< T > (string key, ref T value)
bool SerializeInline< T > (string key, ref T value)
bool SerializeILL< T > (string key, ref LinkedList< T > ill)
bool SerializeList< TList > (string key, ref TList value)
bool SerializeArray< T > (string key, ref T[] target)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Core.Pooling.ClassPool< LoadStream >
void Recycle ()
void Dispose ()

Public Attributes

IDictionary< string, object > curDict
JsonSerializable.ListMode mode
- Public Attributes inherited from Core.Pooling.ClassPool< LoadStream >
LinkedListNode< T > poolNode


bool isSaving [get]
bool isLoading [get]
ListMode Mode [get]
- Properties inherited from Core.Serialization.JsonSerializable.IStreamSerializer
bool isSaving [get]
bool isLoading [get]
JsonSerializable.ListMode Mode [get]

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Core.Pooling.ClassPool< LoadStream >
static void ClearList (LinkedList< T > list)
static T Spawn ()
static void Recycle (ClassPool< T > obj)
static void Preallocate (int count)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Core.Pooling.ClassPool< LoadStream >
static LinkedList< T > free

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