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Core.Platform.SDK.PlatformService Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 PlatformService (bool debugMode, bool withLocalNote=true)
void Dispose ()
Promise< UnitInitialize (string language)
Promise< UnitStartNewSession ()
Promise< ISet< UserBundle > > GetDeviceUsers ()
void RemoveDeviceUsers (TokenResponse token)
Promise< UserReloadUser ()
void SetUser (User user)
Promise< UnitSaveToken (TokenResponse rsp)
void ClearToken ()
void ClearDeviceUsers ()

Public Attributes

Promise< UnitOnReady
AnnouncementsService Announcements
AuthService Auth
CalendarsService Calendars
readonly ChatService Chat
CloudSavingService CloudSaving
ConnectivityService ConnectivityService
CommerceService Commerce
EntitlementService Entitlements
EventsService Events
GameRelayService GameRelay
GroupsService Groups
Heartbeat Heartbeat
InventoryService Inventory
LeaderboardService Leaderboard
MailService Mail
MatchmakingService Matchmaking
NotificationService Notification
PaymentService Payments
PaymentDelegate PaymentDelegate
Promise< PaymentDelegateInitializedPaymentDelegate = new Promise<PaymentDelegate>()
readonly PubnubNotificationService PubnubNotificationService
PushService Push
QAService QA
SessionService Session
SocialListService Social
StatsService Stats
TagService Tag
AnalyticsTracker Analytics
readonly ChatProvider ChatProvider
EntitlementSubscriber EntitlementSubscriber
PubnubSubscriptionManager PubnubSubscriptionManager
bool DebugMode
User User => _user
PlatformRequester Requester => _requester
AccessToken AccessToken => _requester.Token


string platform [get, set]
string Cid [get, set]
string Pid [get, set]
string Shard [get, set]
string TimeOverride [get, set]


Action OnShutdown
Action OnReloadUser
Action TimeOverrideChanged

Member Data Documentation

◆ PaymentDelegate

PaymentDelegate Core.Platform.SDK.PlatformService.PaymentDelegate
Initial value:
ServiceManager.Exists<PaymentDelegate>() ? ServiceManager.Resolve<PaymentDelegate>() : null

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