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Core.Platform.SDK.PlatformRequester Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 PlatformRequester (string host, AccessTokenStorage accessTokenStorage, ConnectivityService connectivityService)
IPlatformRequester WithAccessToken (TokenResponse token)
void DeleteToken ()
void Dispose ()
UnityWebRequest BuildWebRequest (Method method, string uri, string contentType, byte[] body)
Promise< T > RequestForm< T > (string uri, WWWForm form, bool includeAuthHeader=true)
Promise< T > RequestForm< T > (string uri, WWWForm form, Method method, bool includeAuthHeader=true)
Promise< T > Request< T > (Method method, string uri, object body=null, bool includeAuthHeader=true, Func< string, T > parser=null, bool useCache=false)
Promise< T > RequestJson< T > (Method method, string uri, JsonSerializable.ISerializable body, bool includeAuthHeader=true)


string Host [get, set]
string Cid [get, set]
string Pid [get, set]
AccessToken Token [get, set]
string Shard [get, set]
string Language [get, set]
string TimeOverride [get, set]
AuthService AuthService [set]
- Properties inherited from Core.Platform.SDK.IPlatformRequester
AuthService AuthService [set]
AccessToken Token [get, set]

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