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Core.Platform.SDK.Payments.TransactionManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void Initialize ()
void AddToPendingPurchases (long txid, string listingSymbol, string skuSymbol)
PurchaseInfo PopFromPendingPurchases (string skuSymbol)
void AddToPendingFulfillment (CompletedTransaction transaction)
 Add a completed transaction to the pendingFulfillment queue. More...
Promise< PurchaseResponseBeginPurchase (string purchaseId)
Promise< EmptyResponseCancelPurchase (long txid)
void FailPurchase (long txid, string reason, string sku)


Action< CompletedTransactionOnFulfillmentComplete
Action< ErrorCode, CompletedTransactionOnFulfillmentFailed

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddToPendingFulfillment()

void Core.Platform.SDK.Payments.TransactionManager.AddToPendingFulfillment ( CompletedTransaction  transaction)

Add a completed transaction to the pendingFulfillment queue.

transactionThe completed transaction to enqueue for fulfillment.

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