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Core.Platform.SDK.Groups.GroupsService Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 GroupsService (PlatformService platform, PlatformRequester requester)
Promise< GroupUserGetUser (long gamerTag)
Promise< GroupGetGroup (long groupId)
Promise< EmptyResponseDisbandGroup (long group)
Promise< GroupMembershipResponseLeaveGroup (long group)
Promise< GroupMembershipResponseJoinGroup (long group)
Promise< EmptyResponsePetition (long group)
Promise< GroupSearchResponseGetRecommendations ()
Promise< GroupSearchResponseSearch (string name=null, List< string > enrollmentTypes=null, bool? hasSlots=null, long? scoreMin=null, long? scoreMax=null, string sortField=null, int? sortValue=null, int? offset=null, int? limit=null)
Promise< GroupCreateResponseCreateGroup (GroupCreateRequest request)
Promise< AvailabilityResponseCheckAvailability (string name, string tag)
Promise< EmptyResponseSetMotd (long group, string motd)
Promise< EmptyResponseSetSlogan (long group, string slogan)
Promise< EmptyResponseSetEnrollmentType (long group, string enrollmentType)
Promise< EmptyResponseSetRequirement (long group, long requirement)
Promise< GroupMembershipResponseKick (long group, long gamerTag)
Promise< EmptyResponseSetRole (long group, long gamerTag, string role)

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