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AccountDisplayItem Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void Apply ()
void SetRemoveAccountElements (bool active)
void SetActiveAccount (bool active)
void OnSubtextAvailable (string subText)
void OnStatusClicked ()
void Destroy ()
Promise< AccountDisplayItemStartLoading (AccountDisplayItem clone)
Promise< AccountDisplayItemStartLoading (User user, bool isCurrent, TokenResponse token)

Public Attributes

TextMeshProUGUI _emailTxt
Image _statusImg
StyleBehaviour StatusSelectedBehaviour
GameObject EmailIcon
List< GameObject > RemoveAccountElements
Button AccountButton
TextReference AttachedEmailTextReference
TokenReference TokenReference
string SubTextLabel
StatBehaviour DisplayNameStat
StatBehaviour SubTextStat
StatBehaviour AvatarStat
AccountAvatarBehaviour AvatarBehaviour


User User [get]
bool IsCurrent [get]
Promise< List< AccountManagementConfiguration.UserThirdPartyAssociation > > ThirdPartyAssociationPromise [get]
Promise< UserExtensions.StatCollectionStatPromise [get]
Promise< AccountDisplayItemLoadingPromise [get]

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